Finca Luna Tours

Magic natural surroundings where the Cuban finds tranquility, delicious native food and a charming place linked directly to the most genuine traditions of the town.

It was founded in the year 1994 for the Messrs. Luis Correa Almeida and Nancy Rodríguez Pérez, from there the significance of the name MOON.

From your foundation he has transited for different stages like the Creation of a ceramics workshop and going next into a famous natural spot, highlighting the cultivation of different varieties of fruit-bearing and ornamental plants.

Excursion to Finca LUNA.

Program to develop in the excursion.

  • Welcome cocktail (natural juice of cool fruits harvested in the farm).

  • Journey for the farm, where they will see the areas of cultivation of the farm and animal husbandries, and will be able to taste of any seasonal fruit.

  • Once the lookout was raised of the Rooster (monumental sculpture).

  • Kind of Mojito.

  • I work at ceramics workshop.

  • Swim in the pool.

  • Native food in the big ranch or out in the open (table buffet), or native food, with barbecued beef of pig in prong (from 20 people).

  • Dance class.

  • Ride on a horse.

  • Planting of the tree of friendship.


Capacity: 40 people.

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